Terms & Conditions

Whether booking a job through our on-line system or calling us directly to book, the following Terms & Conditions apply.


If your product is to be sent in to the service centre by post or courier for a repair please ensure you protect it accordingly with suitable packing. If you have the original box etc. it is always advised to use this. Neither Noise or the service centre can be held responsible for any damage caused by insufficient packaging.

If your product is covered by any form of warranty please ensure you have the relevant documentation available to verify this – Proof of Purchase, Extended Warranty Certificate etc. Where a product is to be sent away for repair please include copies (not originals) of this documentation with the product. Failure to provide this will mean you will be charged for any work carried out. These copies will be retained for a period of 90 days before being responsibly destroyed.

If requesting a repair under warranty, please ensure that your product is eligible before sending. If it was both sourced and purchased within the EUROPEAN ECONOMIC AREA and within twelve months (period may vary between manufacturers and product types), it should be covered under the normal terms of the guarantee. If purchased outside of the EUROPEAN ECONOMIC AREA, a repair may be chargeable. Please check with the relevant warrantor.

All work carried out under guarantee is subject to the Terms & Conditions of that particular guarantee. In general these do not cover:

Physical damage.
Replacement of cosmetic parts.
In-Home repair – With the exception of large screen TV (32″+).
Non-technical faults – Where there is no genuine fault found with the product e.g. external faults (aerials, cables, other products etc.) and mis-use.
In all these cases, charges may apply and an estimate will be raised accordingly.
If your product is covered under an Extended Warranty you will also need an Authorisation Number from your Warranty Provider. Please obtain this before booking a repair wherever possible.
Once a warranty repair has been completed, the service provider will confirm to you either by telephone, e-mail or SMS. At this point, arrangements can be made for the unit to be collected/returned to you.
For products not covered under any warranty, an estimate will be raised and supplied by either telephone, e-mail or SMS within 5 working days.
Following issue of an estimate, if the service centre receives no return communication within 30 days they will contact you in writing. If they again receive no response, they will write to you again after 30 days and one final time after another 30 day period. If there is no response to this final communication within 30 days from the letter date, the product will be disposed of.
Once an estimate is accepted a repair will normally be completed within 5 working days, subject to spares availability.
Should you choose not to proceed with a repair following an estimate you have two options
You can elect to collect the item or, the service centre can return it to you at a charge (please refer to their schedule of charges) or
You can authorise them to arrange disposal (they will request this confirmation in writing – by letter or e-mail).
Please note – Handling/Estimate fees are not refundable.
If there is no fault apparent and you can provide no additional information to help locate the problem, your product will be returned to you / you will be notified to collect your product. You will only be charged the standard handling/estimate fee. Please see our schedule of charges.
Please be advised that, to complete a repair, the service centre may be required to update the software / firmware of your product.
The repair to your unit may result in the loss of personal data/footage. Both Noise and the service centre disclaim all liability for the loss of such data and any other consequential loss or damage.
Your product upon repair will be returned to original specification. This may include (but is not limited to) return to region code 2 on DVD product, specialist set up etc.
Warranty – Your standard Terms & Conditions are unaffected & remain as with your warranty provider. With chargeable repairs, a 90 day warranty is normally given on the parts fitted.


Each service only includes that which is stated in the relevant description. Any additional work may incur additional charges.
It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all items are fully working before commencement of work. If the Installation Engineer finds a product to be faulty he will complete the install as much as possible and offer advice as to how to proceed with the faulty item. Any further work required to complete the installation at a later date will incur additional charges.
It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that any item they have previously purchased to be incorporated in the installation is compatible e.g. wall mount brackets etc.
Wall Mount – All Wall Mount Installations are subject to initial on-site survey. If the installer considers the proposed site for the bracket installation to be unsafe they will advise on a more suitable location where possible but do reserve the right to refuse to carry out the installation. In these cases the customer will receive a full refund minus a site survey call out fee.
All Wall Mount installations come with a 3 month installation warranty. This covers the “labour” aspect of the installation should any issues occur such as loosening of fixings etc. In such a case please contact us directly, to arrange a call out to rectify the problem. Any problem occurring with the “structure” of any wall a bracket is fitted to will not be covered under the installation warranty unless it has occurred directly as a result of work carried out by the installer.
Problems occurring with any item supplied by the Installer, such as a bracket, cabling etc. will be covered under the product’s own warranty. For further details please see the information provided with the product or contact your Installer directly.

In-Home Support

Charges cover engineers labour only. Any additional items required such as cables etc. can be supplied but on a chargeable basis.
Schedule of Charges – Basic charges are posted on this website. For any additional charges please discuss with the service centre directly. Otherwise as is.

Escalation/Complaints Procedures – In the unlikely event of a complaint or disagreement please contact us directly.

Privacy Policy – Your personal details will only be used for the purposes of contacting you regarding your booking, including any required financial transactions.

We may contact you upon completion of the service in the form of a brief survey in order to ensure you are completely satisfied with the service provided.

Your personal details will not be passed on to any third parties without your permission with the exception of:

If your product is covered under any form of warranty and you request a repair, we must pass your details to the warrantor for validation purposes. This is part of the Terms & Conditions of your warranty with the provider.
We are required by law to submit a report to the Police or other relevant Regulatory Body where we find evidence of possible unlawful acts. An example of this would be if we should identify footage on your product, the content of which is found to be of a nature that we believe may be illegal.
We will responsibly destroy any documents containing customer contact or credit card details.

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

By placing a request for services through our website you accept the Terms & Conditions as detailed above.

Important Note

Important Note

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